Delahenty machinery operates on a trifecta of unique specialisation – they build and sell machinery, provide tooling and equipment, and offer servicing and support for customers. For over 55 years, the team has worked alongside world leading partners to develop tomorrow’s solutions for a range of industries. 

“We specialise in quality tube manipulation and cutting machinery. In Australia we manufacture complete tube bending and end forming tool sets, and complete turnkey solutions,” says Stuart McNidder, General Manager at Delahenty. 

Offering bespoke tooling for CNC applications, tube bending and end forming jobs is where Delahenty excels. This work is done out of their factory in Knoxfield, Victoria, where Owner Michael McCarthy has taken over the family business.

 Throughout the years, Stuart says there is a strong focus on using the best quality tooling components to suit individual customer needs.

“That is our real point of difference – people are not necessarily just buying cheaper products from overseas or off the shelf. We are providing them with excellent quality Australian product. If anyone has something they need tailor made or custom built, we can do that.”

Delahenty’s premium solutions rely on sourcing hard-wearing, quality parts for their designs, explains Stuart. They need to trust that supply can endure freight delays to avoid disappointing customers, which is why Motion Australia is their first port-of-call for sourcing brands such as Rexnord Australia, NTN, TECO and SP Tools.

Each Motion Australia representative aims to develop a close working relationship with the businesses in their area, taking every step to provide ease of mind and tailored advice. “We’ve got a fantastic relationship with our Motion Australia rep,” says Stuart. “He’s always available, and will always do anything to get us the parts we need in a timely manner.”

The Delahenty team is striving to innovate in the robotics space, having recently introduced a new range of collaborative robots from Kassow. The possibilities of these 7-axis machines ensure ease of programming and flexible application to the Australian manufacturing landscape. 

Despite the challenges of Covid-19, Stuart says that the business has come out on top. “We have certainly had issues, but the team is very flexible. And our customers have been very understanding while we play catchup – our family culture and support for each other has helped with those problems.”

Supporting the local economy and providing work opportunities is a major priority for Delahenty. Sourcing parts from within Australia and manufacturing on home soil means shorter lead times for customers and close partnerships that can last through adversity.

“We take the time to listen to our customer’s concerns. We believe in quality value, and we have been doing it for decades.”