Rust is a pesky symptom of industrial work sites, usually forming when steel or iron becomes exposed to water and oxygen for extended periods of time. While actions can be taken to avoid excessive build-up on tools and equipment, it persists as a common problem in dust and moisture-heavy environments.

To combat this universal pain point, CRC Industries has launched Evaporust – a game-changing cleaning solution that’s safe and simple to use on a range of applications. Steve Keown, National Product Manager for Lubricants and Chemicals at Motion Australia, says that in the few months since the product’s launch into the Australian market, it has already been met with enthusiastic feedback.

“I remember the old days of removing rust with angle grinders, wire wheels, and toxic chemicals,” he reflects. “These methods were dirty, messy, generated toxic fumes and posed a lingering threat of component damage. With this new alternative, there is no sanding, brushing or vigorous rubbing required – and our customers absolutely love it so far.”

Most impressively, the award-winning Evaporust is highly compatible with tools and parts that have rubber or plastic sealing components, says Melanie Mangos, Head of Industrial Sales at CRC Industries Australia.

“It’s a carefully engineered formula, the latest addition to our environmentally conscious range of heavy-duty cleaning products. It mitigates the need for harsh scrubbing – you simply soak the tools or parts in a dish filled with the solution, and the rust will wipe straight off.”

Evaporust is a powerful non-toxic, non-caustic and non-corrosive heavy-duty formula for even the toughest rust. It is reusable with long lasting efficacy, nonflamabe, and generates no fumes or bad odours.

Steve elaborates that the beauty of Evaporust is two-fold; it is a non-destructive cleaner for old rusted components but can also be used for surface rust on new components that may have rusted in storage due to its non-destructive nature.

“The versatility is definitely worth noting in this respect. If you experience a failure on a unique piece of machinery, you can’t always source an immediate replacement from the manufacturer. To get the machine back up and running, you might need to pull something out of storage that’s been sitting there for a while, quickly clean it and go ahead with the replacement.”

The liquid product is also reusable, with long-lasting efficacy to minimise waste and streamline the process for planned maintenance procedures. Further, it isn’t a concentrate that requires mixing with water, and is ready to use straight from the container.

Steve’s guide to using the CRC Evaporust

• Pre-clean dirty components with CRC Bio-Degreaser

• Disassemble equipment into its base components 

• Immerse components in a covered tray or drum of CRC Evaporust

• For awkwardly shaped or large components, fill galleries and plug

• Soak shop towels in the solution and drape on surfaces

• After allowing to soak, thoroughly rinse components with clean water and dry

• Seal components with CRC long Life Anti-Rust

• Keep reusing discoloured CRC Evaporust, as it remains effective through several cleaning cycles

Interested in learning more about the Evaporust or CRC’s full range of lubricants, anti-corrosion and maintenance products? Speak to your local Motion Australia representative today. 

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