All components involved in the installation of rotating and dynamically loaded plant and equipment (including epoxy chocks and grout) should be considered as an entire ‘equipment system.’

When it comes to installation of heavy rotating equipment, often components tend to be thought of as independent and designed to their own sets of guidelines. However, the primary purpose should be to optimise the entire equipment system’s integrity, helping reduce lifecycle costs and maximise long-term reliability

“Ensuring a robust foundation and security of mining equipment will save a lot of headaches later on,” explains Steve Keown, National Product Manager for Lubricants at Motion Australia. “Issues with the grouting system can lead to further damage to equipment parts and a pause on operations, sometimes costing millions of dollars per day on downtime and repairs.”

Epoxy grout is a transfer medium. Choosing a compatible grouting product is integral to the long-term success of the machine, as it performs various critical roles such as providing and maintaining precision alignment, dampening vibrations and unbalanced loads, and protecting the foundation.

Epoxy grout typically has a larger coefficient of thermal expansion and greater bond strength to concrete than the tensile strength of the concrete. This means that during both its cure (exothermic or heat generating reaction) and when in service (the diurnal temperature range), the epoxy has potential to ‘pull’ the concrete into and out of tension; inducing stresses which can lead to foundation related failures, if not designed carefully.

Epirez® Chockfast® Red, from ITW Polymers & Fluids, is ideal for grouting large rotating machinery. Made up of three components, and 100 per cent solids, it has a suitably high compressive strength and negligible shrinkage. Moreover, Epirez® Chockfast® Red has been carefully formulated to have a very low peak exothermic temperature and a closely matched coefficient of thermal expansion. This provides structural engineers, equipment vendors and contractors confidence they can design and install ‘equipment systems’ with maximum longevity in mind.

When using Chockfast® Red, greater volume pours are achievable, with the cured epoxy boasting superior resistance to fatigue over time. Additionally, the grout’s high resistance to creep and vibration allows for sustained critical alignment throughout the machinery’s operating life.

Since 1955, Epirez® has been manufacturing grouting solutions in Australia, pioneering epoxy-based adhesives and coatings for the industrial sectors. Later acquired by ITW Polymers & Fluids, Epirez® continues to make waves in the national adhesives market and can be sourced through Motion Australia’s expansive supply network. ITW’s global technicians team works closely with local representatives from both BSC and CBC, offering premium solutions backed by decades of experience.

A Motion Australia representative can offer expert advice on best practice installation of Epirez® Chockfast® Red in a mining or quarry environment.

Relevant applications for Chockfast® Red

  • Machinery grouting of skid mounted compressors, pumps, turbines, generators, and motors
  • Deep foundations
  • Grouting of large anchor bolts
  • Pipe supports

Features & benefits

  • Matched compatibility, maximises foundation life
  • Gentle exotherm, allows for deep continuous pours
  • Ability to maintain precision alignment
  • High chemical resistance
  • Water clean-up means no need for harsh solvents