Of all the industrial businesses that CBC State Manager Ralph Campagna has engaged with over the last 42 years working with CBC, he has found abattoirs to be among the most demanding from a maintenance point of view.

“Abattoirs are quite unique in that they run continuous, high-load operations, which means they experience quite a high rate of wear and tear in their drive systems,” says Ralph. “As a supplier of drive systems components to major industries in Australia, our role at CBC is to make sure our customers have access to the best replacement components, both quickly and cost-effectively.”

For Ralph, who oversees CBC’s service and product delivery to a large number of food and beverage manufacturing and processing plants, the Fenner range of products offer the versatility he needs to service demanding industries such as abattoirs.

“The beauty of the Fenner product range is that it’s very versatile, which allows us to go to the market with an extensive range of v-belts, pulleys, sprockets, chains, couplings and taper bushes suited to each application. Having such a comprehensive range of quality components available at reasonable prices makes it easy for us to come up with like-for-like products when our customers look for urgent replacements.

“More importantly, Fenner is a reputable brand in the industry and has proven time and again to be a trusted product. This gives us the confidence to recommend Fenner products for heavy-duty industries such as abattoirs.”

Steve Hittmann, who is the National Product Manager for Mechanical Drive Systems and Belt Drives for CBC Australia’s holding company, Motion Asia Pacific, concurs that the Fenner brand is highly reputed for its quality. In fact, Motion Asia Pacific holds the Fenner Power Transmission (FPT) licence within the Asia Pacific region.

“We are proud to have an association with such a reputed name in the mechanical power transmission industry. For many years, the Fenner name has been associated with the FPT Quality Assurance Initiative which forms the foundation on which our complete power transmission range is constructed,” says Steve. “The simple objective of the FPT Quality Assurance Initiative is to ensure that Fenner power transmission products perform cost effectively, from product selection, through to purchase, installation, operation, maintenance, and ultimately decommissioning, to deliver superb customer value underpinned by engineering excellence born of many decades’ experience.”

Within the Fenner portfolio, Ralph says the Classic v-belt, the Classic Roller Chain and the Jaw Couplings are the three most popular products with his customers.

“The Fenner Classic v-belt comprise a big portion of our sales. These belts are ideal for high ratio or small pulley drives. The Fenner Classic v-belt also has a specially treated jacket that gives superior anti-static, heat and oil resistant properties above the industry anti-ignition standards.

“The Fenner Classic Chain and the Fenner Jaw Coupling have very good reputation in the industry for their reliability and cost effectiveness. Similarly, the Fenner chain sprockets and v-belt pulleys are held in high regards.”

As specialists in drive systems, Ralph says CBC’s services to customers extend beyond just supply of the required components.

“Guiding customers to choose the right product is a big part of what we do at CBC. Going by our experience and knowledge of the relevant industries, we determine what would be the best fit for each customer’s requirement. This often involves looking at the scale of the job, the urgency for a replacement and the reason a replacement is needed in the first place.

“Whether the customer is looking for a replacement part because the original component has been worn out and failed, or if they are looking to upgrade their components to gain better efficiencies from the drive system, we can help them find the right fit from the comprehensive Fenner range.”