The newly designed and recently released PowerGripGT4 by Gates® is a high torque synchronous belt that delivers the highest power-carrying capacity of any belt in its class. Importantly, it comes off the back of customer feedback and is well-matched to a variety of applications in the food processing industry.

“The GT4 embodies the Gates’ commitment to innovation in material science and also addresses pain points that have surfaced directly from the industry,” says CBC’s Steve Hittmann, National Product Manager for Mechanical Drive Systems and Belt Drives. “Basically, Gates’ listened to what their customers were sharing in regard to their challenges and needs and developed a belt that would address efficiency, noise, durability and ease of installation.” 

The ethylene elastomer high-torque synchronous belt has been specifically engineered with a higher power-carrying capacity, a larger temperature range capability and with environmentally friendly materials that are also lighter in weight. Notably, the belt doesn’t require lubrication or re-tensioning.

“The standout is the extra capacity because that provides an option to use a narrow belt and reduce the overall drive size, which will in turn reduce operational costs, or end users can go with the same size belt but get significantly extra life out of it,” says Steve. “Another key benefit is the elimination of maintenance – the belt doesn’t need lubrication or re-tensioning. Also, it’s much easier to install and much lighter, which reduces strain and the chance of injury during installation.”

The GT4 can be used in a wide range of applications within the food processing industry, including industrial machines, fans and pumps, conveying systems and compressors. The belt is also rust free and safe for use in food handling spaces.

According to Derek Hill, who has just been elevated to the position of National Sales Manager – Industrial at Gates Corporation in Australia, the new product encapsulates the company’s motto and promise ‘Driven by Possibility.’ 

“The GT4 is another example where Gates® continues to push the boundaries of material science to increase the performance and benefits of our products to our customers,” he enthuses. “GT4 delivers the highest power-carrying capacity belt in its class. This leads to the opportunity to reduce belt and pulley width in current and new drive applications, saving weight, load stress and overall operating costs for our customers.”

Derek also pointed out that the GT4 enables safer working conditions for those working in a food processing plant. 

“With zero oil and less weight there’s less risk for slipping and falling,” he explains. “The lighter weight also delivers improved ergonomics for those whose job it is to handle and install the belt.”

The release of GT4 to the market also coincides nicely with Derek’s new appointment. 

“I’m really excited to be taking on the role of National Sales Manager – Industrial,” he says. “Having started my working life with BSC – a company owned by Motion Asia Pacific – many years ago, I’m really looking forward to leading the Gates® Industrial Sales team and working side by side with the CBC Australia and Motion Asia Pacific teams, as we look to grow our companies in
2021 and beyond.”  

GT4™ Features and Benefits:

• Delivers class-leading power capacity, giving you the option to use a narrower belt

• Next generation EPDM compound — allows for application of belts in high and low temperature environments

• Fully operational in a temperature range of -40°C to +120°C and can be used to 140°C intermittently

• Zero maintenance required— no lubrication and no re-tensioning

• Rust free and safe for use in food handling spaces

• Environmentally friendly — made with non-chlorinated compounds

• Maintains performance in all but fully submerged grease and oil environments

• Improves ergonomics — less weight reduces fatigue and strain during installation resulting in more productivity and fewer ‘lost time incidents’

• Enables safer employee working conditions — with zero oil and less weight there’s less risk for slipping and falling

• High tooth jump resistance

• Increased uptime

• Improved chemical resistance against alkalis, acids, UV and ozone