Due to the nature of large-scale extraction and excavation operations, the risk of doing damage to the environment is always high, crystalised as an ongoing discussion for heavy industry.

Acting based on these concerns has been on the forefront of the collective hive mind in recent years, with environment, health, and safety (EHS) issues reaching their tipping point around the globe.

According to CBC’s Steve Keown, energy companies are particularly well-positioned to address these concerns.

“In an effort to mitigate these risk factors and address these concerns, leading energy companies like Viva Energy, Shell’s Macro-Distributor have been working to develop products with a low environmental impact,” he says.

“As a result, the mining and quarrying sectors have been taking the lead on some of the most innovative products in the zero-impact space, including the production of biodegradable cleaning agents for heavy equipment.”

The CBC Product Manager for Cleaners, Solvents and Degreasers discusses in detail, CBC’s dedication to providing market leading biodegradable products to customers.

“In Australia, CBC has been working with some of their key suppliers like Viva Energy for the Shell brand, along with the reach of our distribution channels to take the lead on delivering these products to market,” he explains.

Viva Energy Australia has mandated a commitment to what they call ‘Goal Zero’ in their Statement of Commitment to Health, Safety, Security and the Environment, proposing a stop in operations if the fundamentals of the commitment are not being met.1

CBC aims to assist in meeting the Goal Zero target by providing exceptional knowledge on the monitoring and measuring of product performance against Viva Energy guidelines.

“We have a vested interest in working with the team at Viva Energy as a trusted supply partner and also an industry leader on tested and certified standard biodegradable products.”

One such product is the Viva own Dobatex range. Currently CBC locations stock three key products in the Dobatex range network-wide: Dobatex Aqua Degreaser, Gold and Platinum. According to Steve, Dobatex are some of the most premium biodegradable products on the market right now.

“Most companies are looking for a product that can be used over a wide range of applications,” says Steve. “Dobatex is an organic water-based cleaning compound developed specifically for heavy duty industrial and automotive applications in the mining and quarrying segments. It can be used on mobile equipment such as diggers, dozers, and trucks.”

Dobatex meets the Australian standard for Biodegradability, compliant with AS 4351.2 and allows for concentration rates from 1 percent through to 30 percent, depending on application that the products are being used for.

“It can be used to degrease components, through to cleaning mobile equipment and vehicles without degrading polished or metal surfaces in the long term. Dobatex is also ideal for general purpose workshop and tool cleaning, which includes floors, rest rooms, and common areas,” explains Steve. “Not only is it an all-in-one solution; but it is totally organic and nontoxic.”

As more companies are seeking to set net zero targets, CBC will continue to be a reliable source of product information and training on environmental product choices, working with suppliers like Viva Energy to provide exceptional customer service and premium products.

From routine cleans, to full decontamination of components and machinery, CBC and Viva Energy are envisioning a greener clean for the future of heavy industry.


1. https://www.vivaenergy.com.au/sustainability/environment