When it comes to sustainability, CRC Industries has not shied away from reinventing the wheel for the industrial sector. 

As a major industrial supplier of aerosols, lubricants, anti-corrosives and industrial cleaning products, CRC environment has been working on developing a range of sustainable products.

Encouraging customers in the industrial space to make their operations more ecologically sound is one of the valuable services CBC Account Manager John Paul provides to his customers as a solutions provider to the Australian market. 

John notes that working with forward-thinking suppliers like CRC Industries allows him to help customers make more sustainable choices with some of the most advanced maintenance product offerings on the market. 

“A new era of environmentally safe products has been ushered in, along with strong values surrounding creating a more sustainable world,” says John. “This has been propelled forward by technical industrial suppliers like CRC who are developing more sustainable solutions to traditional problems—to make them more sustainable.” 

According to John, CRC Industries offers a range of non-toxic, environmentally friendly, cleaning solutions that get equipment looking like new again. 

“The CRC SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System is one of our most popular products right now,” says John. “It is a brilliant system that uses bioremediation, which is a naturally occurring process to break down carbon, oils, greases, and contaminants that are cleaned off industrial parts, creating a circular, sustainable cleaning system”

The SmartWasher® system uses an advanced water-based degreasing formula called OzzyJuice® in partnership with a 4-Layer filter mat (OzzyMat®) to achieve effective cleaning results with no hazardous waste streams, reduced ownership costs and overall high-performance cleaning efficacy.

Due to the unique bioremedating technology, the OzzyJuice® degreasing solution is reusable time and time again, retaining effective cleaning efficacy throughout. John says its simple – “If you replace the OzzyMat® once a month the fluid lasts a long time.”

“The formula is reusable with the full cleaning and degreasing effect on multiple washes,” explains John. “If you replace the OzzyMat once a month, the fluid lasts a long time.”

CRC recently expanded their Brakleen range to include CRC Brakleen Water-Based.  It is another popular product that is safe on the user and the environment, and no volatile organic vapours is ideal for use in confined spaces according to John. 

“Customers love that Brakleen Water Based is an effective brake and parts cleaner that is also pH neutral, non-corrosive, solvent free and biodegradable,” adds John. 

Similarly, the CRC EVAPO-RUST® product is a super safe rust remover that uses a chelating agent to bond to iron rust and wash-off.  

“The process is called ‘selective chelation’ and it uses pH neutral organic compounds to form a ferric sulphate complex that is water soluble,” according to Melanie Mangos, CRC’s Trans-Tasman Head of Industrial Sales’. 

“One of the most significant benefits of the EVAPO-RUST® product is that it is reusable. A production plant can have a basin of the solution for de-rusting that can be used up until the point it is turned completely black from carbon oxidization,” she explains. “A litre of EVAPO-RUST equates to the removal of about 60 grams of rust,” she adds.

Globally, CRC’s range of eco-friendly cleaning, degreasing, and derusting products are gaining a lot of traction across many industrial segments—from automotive, to mining, to agriculture, to marine, to military. 

In Australia, CBC is one of the preferred distributors of CRC products,” says CBC Product Manager for Lubricants, Cleaners and Solvents, Steve Keown. “Customers benefit from our partnership with CRC that has spanned nearly four decades. We make it so much easier to acquire CRC products through our channels because we have an extensive branch network that covers every state and territory in the country.” 

“We are currently expanding to branch locations that are under the umbrella of Motion Australia,” he continues. “With our growing footprint and online ordering capabilities, we can transact over the phone with customers if they are in a very remote area of the country and easily organise shipping and logistics so that they will receive products in a timely manner.”

“We work closely with CRC head offices at the state and regional level so there is a good chance we will have product access regardless of the location,” says Steve. “We work closely with our customers in all regional areas.” 

“Both CRC and CBC have account managers that can visit customers on site or provide them with some information. No matter whether a customer is located, there’s a pretty good chance we’ve got someone close by that can help,” he concludes.